Oh god where did my face go.

It’s blinking boiling in South Wales at the moment.

Like seriously, the title may baffle you, but I’ll elaborate – I found my face in the form of a puddle on the floor.

Putting it back was a nightmare, requiring some duct-tape, a carrot and a witches curse, but I think I nailed it. In the event you see a Brad Pitt lookalike wandering around locally or whatever, feel free to say hi – I can assure you that I’m very approachable.

There’s a few reasons why I haven’t really written a whole lot recently, not least of all the fact that I can actually go outside without getting hit by a monsoon, which, quite frankly, is lovely. Additionally I’ve been going through yet another writer’s block crisis, which is always fun. Finally, the amount of work I was required to do for university exploded, which was a little upsetting. However, my first year is now officially over, so I have time to myself again. It’s fantastic.

I really just wanted to post this to prove to you that I’m not dead, which is always a nice thing to say I think, and to inform you guys of a thing or two.

Some good news, I have plans for one or two new projects that I’m going to be working on over the next couple of weeks/months, and, assuming everything goes to plan, one of those isn’t just going to be another writing project, but something else entirely. I’m really looking forward to seeing if we can pull it off.

I think that covers everything, so I’ll leave you with a new feature that I don’t think I’ll ever return to again, entitled “Word of the Day”.

Today’s Word of the Day is “Mine-shaft”, because it sounds like you’re talking about your dick in German.

I’m usually way more mature than this, I swear. Cheers folks, I’ll be back shortly!