My Films

My Showreel

I put this Showreel together relatively recently. It’s not the best thing I’ve ever created, but I think it highlights quite nicely what my interests are, as well as the best ways to contact me.

The Prince and the Publican – A Visit to Kenfig

This was my short documentary project for my second year of Uni. I filmed it in my local area, and it is a short profile piece on the landlord of a pub nearby, The Prince of Wales. Thoroughly enjoyed making this, Gareth was a very nice guy and keen to help. Considering this was my first proper solo film project, I’m happy with how it came out.

North Star

This is the final film that I helped to create in University. This is the project that evolved from the original idea that I had entitled “I Have No Wings Yet I Must Fly”, the plot of which can be found on this blog. Had a lot of fun working with some great people on this production, both in terms of cast and crew.